Angle mount for power g motion sensor

I wanted to buy a few power g motion sensors, and was wondering if they can be mounted at a 45° angle left to right on a flat wall. I looked at the installation instructions but don’t see anything jumping out at me about that. Also do these support flat wall mounting and corner mounting. If it is possible, does the bracket that comes with it support all scenarios or is there a secondary bracket that I can get for a specific purpose?

Are you referring to the PG9914?

The PG9914 bracket is used for flat mounting. You can corner mount using the holes in the back of the housing. A diagram for this is found in the manual here near the bottom of the first section on the left.

If I understand what you are asking, you could use one side of the corner mounting (B1 or B2 in the manual diagram) to mount the detector at an angle on a flat surface.