Andersen Verilock Sensors

We are putting new Andersen windows into our cabin which has a Surety system. One option from Andersen is their Verilock sensors which are built into the locking mechanism of the window.

I see compatibility with Honeywell, ADT, and Nexia and Wink. It looks as though they use ZWave. Would these be compatible with our Qolsys IQ Panel 2+?

Found this as well:


Wow, those are really cool. They are not Z-wave (which is good, Z-wave sensors are not compatible with professional alarm systems through

These use 345mhz, compatible with Honeywell/2GIG.

The 345 Mhz version of the IQ Panel 2+ would be compatible as well, presumably, though it is not officially supported.

If you have a 319.5 version of the IQ Panel 2+ already, you should be able to use the RE524X to translate the signals.

Cool. It also looks like they have a translator to convert signals to Z Wave too. Which is the better option? How do I know which version of the IQ Panel that I have today? Would maybe try to purchase one to test before I buy a house full of windows with them only to find that they don’t work.

The Z-wave translation option is not an option with the alarm panel. Z-wave sensors are not compatible at all.

You would want to go with the RE524X.