An outdoor gate sensor solution for 2GIG and

This project is perfect for DIYers who have a gate fairly close (within 30 feet or so) of their home and near the area where the 2GIG Control panel is located to ensure communication viability. (Optionally, if distance is an issue, one can employ an RE220T to help boost the sensor signal.)

Full text of the Qolsys gate sensor article.

Does this Honeywell 5816OD outdoor sensor not work with a 2gig setup. I would like to know before buying. Thanks

I do not believe anyone here has personally tested that sensor. However, 2Gig states that it is compatible, and as a 5800 series I would assume compatibility myself.

I’ve not tried one myself but I have heard others report that they use Honeywell 5816OD with 2GIG. For example: