Always visibly show alarm status

I’m interested in purchasing an IQ Panel 4 and potentially IQ Remotes, but one of my core requirements is to always be able to see the arm status, without needing to first wake up a device. In a previous home, I had a very old panel with a small LED indicator that turned red when the alarm was on, and it was very useful.

Is there a way to always show the status on IQ panels/remotes without installing some additional z-wave outlet/light nearby (as suggested in Status Light for Multiple doors)?

I really just want the screensaver for the panel/remote to be armed status instead of a photo frame?


My IQ4 Panel has two LEDs that are always ON. They show Green if it is ready (disarmed) or Red if Armed. They are always on, even if the LCD screen is off.

Thank you for the quick response… that is exactly what I was hoping for! Do you know if it works similarly for the IQ Remotes?

I may actually be able to answer my own question:

Seems like the IQ Remote has no armed visual indicator.

The Remote does not have an always on option or always on indicator, no.

Thanks for confirming. Two hopefully quick follow up questions:

  1. Given that Qolsys recently launched an IQ Panel 4, is there any reason to believe they will release an updated IQ Remote as well?

  2. It seems like my other secondary keypad options with a visual indicator are DSC WS9LCDWF9, HS2LCDWF9, or HS2LCDWF9ENGN. I had some trouble discerning the differences between these three - if I’m starting a new system with an IQ Panel 4, which do you recommend?

I am not aware of a specific secondary keypad release with an ETA, but it is possible.

I would recommend the WS9LCDWF9 mainly for price, as the main difference I believe is lack of compatibility with DSC NEO or panel programming.

In a recent technical webinar posted to YouTube, Qolsys mentioned a new PowerG secondary keypad will be released in early 2022. They did not mention any specific details.

Thanks! That is really helpful… I will probably wait now. Much appreciated.