All TS1 panels stuck connecting to control panel

I am re-subscribing with you guys as we move into our new home. I set everything up last weekend including z-wave light switches and other z-wave devices around the house. I did notice the panel froze saying it couldn’t access the z-wave like this topic below said a couple times while adding and testing devices. It is the master z-wave hub with no others connected. I was at the house again last night and found all 3 of my TS1 panels stuck trying to connect. I tried the manual reset of holding both external buttons and that did nothing. As soon as your customer support gets my new 4g card lit up today can you guys get in and “nuke” it like you did this guys below?

There are a few things covered in that thread. The remote reboot command we sent is now available to users. You can remotely reboot your panel as a test through your system manager in the Surety account dashboard. This wasn’t intended as a troubleshooting step for the TS1 issue, though in that case.

Since all three of your TS1s are having trouble though it might be applicable in your case.

I tried the manual reset of holding both external buttons and that did nothing.

To clarify, this would be done on each TS1, not the control panel.

If all TS1s are failing to connect, that suggests an issue with the transceiver of the control panel. The TS1s require the XCVR2 900 mhz transceiver. If that transceiver has failed they may not be able to connect.

A reboot of the panel may fix this if the problem is software related. If it is hardware failure, it may require a new transceiver to test.

I’ll check tonight, maybe in the install the 900mhz card came loose and i’ll try to reseat it this weekend as well. I did try a reboot last night. Thanks!