Alexa opening doors

where is the SPECIFIC info on how to set a password for Alexa to open a door lock? Thanks!

Secure Commands access will automatically be prompted when you enable the Skill.

If you already have the Skill enabled, you would just need to go into the Alexa App, Click the Menu, then Skills and Games, and search for “

Tap the skill named just “” and disable. Wait a minute, then re-enable. Upon enabling the Skill (NOT the Smart Home Skill) you will be asked if you want to enable secure actions and set a pin code.

So, for example if you set a pin of 1234:

This pin can be said along with the command:
Say, “Alexa, ask to disarm with 1-2-3-4”
Say, “Alexa, tell to unlock the door with 1-2-3-4”
Say, “Alexa, tell to open the garage door with 1-2-3-4”

It can also be said after a follow-up prompt by Alexa:
Say, “Alexa, ask to disarm.”
Alexa will respond: “What is your pin?”
Say, “1-2-3-4”