Alexa control of garage door controller?

’m unable to get Alexa to recognize and control the GRC. I was on a call with Wyze support for 30 min with no forward motion. I was told that the issue would be escalated and that I’d get and email response. Nope. Anyone using Alexa to check the status of the garage door or - gasp - even controlling the garage door? In the Wyze app, Google is shown as a ‘third party integration’ option, but not Amazon. Adding a new device from the Alexa app fails to find the GDC. I do have other Wyze devices working with Alexa and have the Alexa skill successfully installed. (For example, I get notifications for 'person detected at camera so-and-so). Any advice?

I would be unable to speak to any integrations between Wyze products and Alexa.

This support forum is for and compatible products. While it is possible to control Garage Openers integrated with through Alexa, Wyze devices are not compatible.