Alarm Triggered After Reboot

My panel was runing sluggishly tonight, first taking about 4 second to bring up the keypad when Imwas arming, then a similar lag when I got home, so I decided to reboot the panel. Started the reboot, then went off to change some laundry. Next thing I know the alarm is sounding. Run in and disarm, probably between 7 and 15 seconds. No alert from app, or contact from callcenter, so I guess under 15.

I’m not sure if it prompted for disarm after boot (never seen it do that) or what. Can someone check to see if there’s any clue in the logs? I don’t see anything locally or in the app.

Interesting. I am not seeing anything in history to suggest that the panel reported any kind of alarm. The panel did not forward any kind of signal to or central station, which would explain why you weren’t notified.

The panel does not require a disarm command upon rebooting. However, the panel will boot up in the state it was in before powering down. The panel would boot in an alarmed state if it was in an alarmed state prior to being powered down.

How long has the panel been acting sluggish? Have you experienced this issue before? As there is nothing in history to suggest the cause for the alarm, would it be possible to post a photo of the history at the panel?

Yeah, definitely interesting. The sluggishness had only been for the day. When I went to leave, it took several seconds for the icons to come up for “Select Arm System Type”. On the disarm, I have it set to disarm when the door is unlocked via code. Normally I’ll hear “Arm Main Disarm” and “Kitchen door open” by the time I’m stepping in. This time it took a good 5-6 seconds before either report.

I probably rebooted the panel within 60 seconds of that point, but it was in a disarmed state when I triggered the reboot.

Leaving today it seemed to be back to normal response speed. I’ll monitor for a few days to see what things look like.

Let us know if the issue persists