Alarm system goes offline after using app

On occasion I have an issue where I look at my alarm status in the app, and within less than a minute get a “The home is offline” text. I’m not doing anything more than looking at the main status page. Sometimes I get a back online message in 5-10 minutes, and others it’s a lot longer, like right now. Any ideas?

This would not occur with the alarm system, but when you access the app some commands are sent to check status on various devices.

The device labeled “Home” that shows the offline trouble is an Ecobee thermostat. This means that the thermostat status was not accessible for a time.

Ecobee is a back-end integration, so it could be related to Ecobee servers, or it could be a brief issue with wifi, etc. Reboot your router and try a reboot of the thermostat. Do you see continued trouble alerts for it?