Alarm Signals, No Call

I’d like to ask what the procedure is when an alarm is activated. We’ve had several alarms (due to our own fault) when opening a door while the system is set to “Arm-Stay” however on neither occasion did we receive a phone call from you and/or

Happy to help!

Looking at the history, I see the alarms you are referring to. All show as pending alarms. What “Pending Alarm” means in your history is that you have Dialer Delay set up for your sensors on your alarm panel.

Dialer delay is an extra delay period after the alarm is tripped and the siren goes off. The panel holds off confirming the alarm signal until the end of this delay period, if the alarm is disarmed during this delay, no signal is forwarded. So, to send the signals to the central station, you would need to allow the local alarm to sound for longer than the dialer delay. By default that delay is set to 30 seconds.

It looks like in the cases you are referring to, the system was disarmed during that delay, so no call would be expected.

On a Simon XTi Panel, and GE systems in general, you typically cannot completely remove dialer delay. You can however reduce the delay time.

To adjust that delay: enter programming, Installer code, phone options. Dial Delay is the bottom field.

Thanks for the follow up. That makes sense.