Alarm goes off, no call from Central

Good morning. My alarm system was in alarm stay (11:21 PM) and I had a window sensor that went into Tamper multiple times at (12:41 AM), causing an alarm (12:41) because of that window sensor. I ended up disarming the system at (12:43 AM). Not once did I receive a phone call from Central Monitoring. Is their a reason why I received no phone call? This is pretty disturbing.

Happy to help! Looking into history this was normal and caused by a combination of features.

The alarm signal was sent at 12:41:43 and the disarm came in 81 seconds later at 12:43:04

By default, disarm signals from the system are accepted by operators as verification of a false alarm, because it means that a valid user code was used to disarm the system. No calls would go out if a disarm comes in before calls start.

Typically you would get a call before that, well within the 81 seconds, however you have the Alarm Response Messenger chat feature enabled. A chat notification went out shortly after the alarm signal, and on accounts without two way voice this chat feature delays call processing by 90 seconds to allow your users to respond via chat.

Here’s the page describing how chat works:

If you do not want that 90 second delay you can disable the ARM chat for your contacts in the system manager here under the Professional Monitoring tab.