web login

I was just looking through my history and noticed that I see 3 successful web logins very early each morning (ie. 2:23am, 2:28am, 3:50am for today.) I was definitely not awake and logging into the web UI at these times. Is this normal, or should I be concerned?


If they were listed as successful logins and you are pretty sure no one on your account would have logged in at those times, I would advise changing your password immediately (looks like you recently did that, in fact).

Do you share your password with anyone, or do you use the same password for other services?

Be sure to set a unique password.

We can check with to see if we can get any additional detail on those events. I see them in history, and ADC can likely track the IP for those.

Thanks Jason,

I did already change my password. I don’t share the password with anyone and I do not reuse password between services. Since these logins appear to happen at around the same time each day, I feel like it may be some automation I setup and forgot about, but I would like to be sure. If you can get more details from, that would be great.


You can disregard the request for information from I found what was triggering them, it’s polling via SmartThings.

Sorry for the trouble.

Ah, alright, I’m glad to hear that. If you don’t mind, what automation do you have set up with Smart Things that would generate a login event in ADC history? Might help future users with a similar setup.


I’m not sure it still works. I have disabled it until I have more time to evaluate it.

Gotcha, inserts a way to arm/disarm in SmartThings? Interesting, I think I ran across this in the past, but haven’t tried it. Thanks for sharing!