vs TotalConnect

I had with suretycam connected to my GE Concord 4 for a while and decided to try totalconnect with a Honeywell system. I used the vista 21 IP to connect to totalconnect through an Ethernet cable, which after a couple of months I wouldn’t suggest that be the only communication path as I have had it drop out a few times and the alarm starts beeping and it’s annoying… I used total connect for a couple months on my iPhone and my Mac, I honestly don’t like it that much. I prefer so much more. When you use the app the first thing I didn’t like (not a big deal but kind of annoying) is that it doesn’t go to the home page it is a login page where if you forget to check the remember my user and pass, you have to enter it all in again. Then over all the app is not that nice looking, stuff is blocky and not as smooth looking and the app isn’t as smooth as With I have always loved the app, even before they updated it for the iPhone with more of an iOS 7/8 look. It works smoother and things are a lot simpler. There seem to be more features on the app and site also. I find the notifications easier to setup on also. So I switched back to my GE Concord 4 and I would definitely recommend using over totalconnect. Suretycam also has awesome service/customer service!

Requiring cellular is one thing I think got right. Even with the new dual path (broadband and cellular) communication, cellular is far more reliable. Broadband is faster and cheaper but you need cellular for when the broadband connection gets flaky.