vs Central Station Monitoring

What is the difference between service plans (the interactive gold or basic) and 24/7 Central Station Monitoring. Does monitor the system? does not monitor the systems in a traditional sense. through Surety is a remote access service connecting your panel to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, to allow control and data viewing. You can set up custom notifications based on the equipment tied to your system which can be sent as text message, push notification, and/or email to your devices. The notifications are generated based on the triggers and filters you choose. Some example cases and videos below:

  • Alarm signals from your panel
  • Sensors left open for a period of time
  • Arming reminders
  • System not disarmed by a specific time
  • Environmental alerts like flood sensors, high temp alerts
  • Forgot to close the garage door
  • Someone opened the liquor cabinet/safe
  • System Inactivity
  • etc.

24/7 Professional Monitoring can be included or omitted from your service through suretyDIY. This refers to professional monitoring center operators calling you in the event of an alarm, and contacting local police/fire/medical authorities when needed.

Monitoring operator standard procedure based on the type of alarm signal can be found here.

Our service plans and pricing can be found here.

All service plans and add-on services through Surety are month to month. You can add or remove 24/7 Professional Monitoring at any time.

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