Video Device Issues

I was able to add my camera to my ADC account and all was going well. Now I can not view my camera video from the website or the app. Oddly enough the Remote Access Status shows that both remote relay and Public IP are available.

Have you tried viewing video on other browsers?
It looks like the device is testing ok on the back end. Have you tried power cycling the camera?

Note that we’ve been notified of a few connectivity issues with the App which may be affecting this, and should be resolved shortly. When did you first notice it down, or rather how long was video available?

Hey Jason.

I don’t know exactly how long it was available, I just added the camera this morning and checked to make sure that everything was working as expected (it was).

I came back after (perhaps an hour?) and noticed I could not pull a video feed. I setup the NAT forwarding but that still didn’t work. I can ping the device and yes I did try cycling the power when I noticed the issue.

No luck :frowning:

Sounds silly, but can you create a VMD or other recording rule and see if you can get a saved clip? The cam otherwise reports full connectivity. I wonder if the live view is tied to the issues being resolved at ADC now.

OK this is weird.

I was able to request a clip, and it recorded and shows in my video clips.

But still no live video from either my ADC app, or the browser.

I will sit on it and see if it works tomorrow, ADC is certainly having issues today.

I will sit on it and see if it works tomorrow, ADC is certainly having issues today

Hearing that most users should no longer see issues at this time, but this may be a straggler. ADC is still reporting that they are working on connectivity.


I let this sit all weekend and still can not view video (tried the website and the mobile app).

The weird thing to me is that it appears to be communicating with the ADC backend because I get “Video Device ‘ADC-V510’ failed a remote connectivity test” and restoral messages (I had it plugged into an old ZWave that gets turned off at night, so that message is correct).

I can also poll the device for the wireless signal strength.

The weird thing this morning is that Public IP shows as available (as it should, my NAT mapping is setup); however the Remote Relay indicates that it is unavailable.

Can ADC see anything more that we can’t?

Hmm. What color is the Camera LED currently?

I wonder if you have the cam in privacy mode, perhaps?


I didn’t know such a thing existed :slight_smile:

The LED is off. I changed the setting using the ADC interface and it turned green.

FWIW I can record a clip using the “Request Recording” feature on the ADC website and it will show up in my clips section.

How / where can I see the privacy mode settings?

Are there any error messages when attempting to view the live feed? Does it show “Connecting” at the top? If so does that message ever change or time-out?

Privacy mode is local to the cameras I believe. On the 520 it is selected via the WPS button. I believe the 510 uses the reset button, but it’s been a little while since I’ve worked heavily with a 510, I’ll double check for you.

Do you have the most recent firmware? Check on the video device info page.


I updated the firmware on Friday… it didn’t fix the issue. I am not sure that the 510 has privacy features… the reset button is a recessed must use a paper-clip type.

HOWEVER; I tried deleting the device from ADC and re-adding it… that seemed to do the trick.

I can view video in all forms now.

Furthermore I am not sure that it ever completed setup on Friday (possibly because of ADC issues?) because my Video Motion settings look completely different.

Anyway… the fix was: delete & re-add, so simple.

Gotcha, well that is good news (and was the last step anyway), though I’ve not seen one test ok, record clips, but just fail live view before. We’ll keep an eye out.

I’m a little dubious myself on the privacy feature since the manual doesn’t seem to reference it, but the datasheet does. Since it was mentioned I’ll still clarify it here when I hear from ADC.