Video Analytics configuration?

I have added Video Analytics (“VA”) to my account. As I reconfigure my VA-compatible cameras, the VA configuration process asks if each camera will be an “Indoor” or “outdoor” camera? I’d like to understand the difference between these settings. Can you help to explain the difference for this parameter and why the question is being asked? Thx!

Are you referring to the scene setup section? Here you can choose Indoor or Outdoor, the camera should be marked outdoors if it will be exposed to rain, snow, spider webs, moving trees, et. Factors like this can interfere with object detection and choosing outdoors helps with this.

Thx Tyler - I have VA-enablse cameras installed under roof eaves (protected from the weather), but their field-of-views includes sidewalks in one case and a covered zone just in front of the front door in another case.

Appreciate the feedback -Aero

I would set it to Outdoor, if that is mainly what the camera will be recording. You may want to do some testing between the two choices to see what works best for that scenario.