Verizon Activation has become aware of a technical issue that may cause the activation of some Verizon modules on new installs or module swaps to be delayed. Existing accounts and other carrier module activations are unaffected. is working to resolve this issue now. Thank you for your patience.


Hi Jason, Any chance you have an update on this issue?

At this time, the issue is unresolved

I do not yet, the issue is still active according to ADC

I assume that this issue is still on going. Can I start installing and adding sensors to the panel or do I need to wait to do the activation first?

Still ongoing? has cleared their internal operations alert, however we are still seeing the same impacts to module verification and activation. We are working with on the issues currently.

As a work-around, at this time please go into the system manager to complete the activation and submit. The module validation will now allow submission of the form.

If cannot verify the module information the submission will fail, but our team will be monitoring these submissions and will manually set up the account using the submitted form. You will receive a confirmation email from our team when complete.

I have submitted but mine could not be verified

This issue should now be resolved.