unable to communicate with thermostats

I was making some changes and additions to the z-wave network in my home and decided to reset the z-wave controller interface on my 2gig GC3 panel and start from scratch. I was able to add my thermostats back into the z-wave network on the GC3 panel successfully and communication between the panel and thermostats is working fine, but I am unable to configure the thermostats from the web interface or through the app on my iOS devices (the reason I decided to do the z-wave reset is because stopped communicating with the thermostats after I mucked around with the z-wave configuration so much). Can you please verify and clear the thermostat configuration from my account so I can re-add my thermostats back in for smart control? Thanks in advance.

Can you please verify and clear the thermostat configuration from my account so I can re-add my thermostats back in for smart control? Thanks in advance.

We’re happy to help troubleshoot, but note that Z-wave devices cannot be remotely deleted if they are powered and communicating with the network. This will likewise not clear the parent network link in the devices themselves.

If you are having trouble with thermostats, the best practice would be to go through the Remove Device process locally and then re-add them into the network.

We tried sending a few commands to check network link quality and equipment list, and it appears the panel is acknowledging the commands but it is not supplying any new info and the last status date is not changing.

We would like to send a reboot command to the panel to restart all processes and ensure there is no software error affecting the responses. Is it ok to send a reboot now?

Yes, you may go ahead and send the panel reboot command.

Alright, we’ve sent that and the panel is now responding with link quality info so that is a good sign. When in doubt a quick power cycle usually helps!

Try adding your other devices, then run a Network Rediscovery to ensure routes are mapped properly. Afterward test the Tstats, any change?

Note that a thermostat will not immediately change set point when you turn on a schedule. It will only change at the indicated points in the schedule, so if at 8PM you have the Tstat going from 70 to 68, and you turn the schedule on at 6pm, it will not immediately change to 70. But it will at 8 change to 68.

The panel reboot seems to have fixed the issue. I was able to re-add my thermostats in my account and I am now able to change target temperatures from my iOS devices. Thanks for your assistance.

Hello I need help with my thermostat too the app not communicating with the thermostat I can’t change the temperature or do anything from the app anymore

I’m not seeing any Surety subscriptions under this username. We are happy to help with questions as much as we can, but if you do not use Surety as your service provider we do not have access to see your system or send commands.

So that we can best provide advice, what model thermostat do you have? What model panel is it connected to? What is the firmware version of the panel? Is your panel communicating in general, are you able to control other devices connected to your panel?

General Z-wave network improvement tips can be found here.