tstat adds Emergency Heat Option

For some bizarre reason though, while Emergency Heat is now also selectable from the 2GIG panel itself, it is called “auxiliary heat”. FYI, for those unaware, there is a difference between Aux heat and Emer heat functions on a HP tstat (for example, Aux call energizes fan(G), first stage(Y), and Aux/heat strips(W); whereas Emergency call energizes G, W only). Aux runs the heat strips AND the first stage source together, wheras Emergency heat locks out the first stage and only runs the heat strips (which you would use if say your outdoor HP had a catastrophic failure, or is otherwise unable to operate properly).

Perhaps 2GIG is not aware of that distinction between how Auxiliary and Emergency heat works (I assume 2GIG botched that, and not ADC)?

Emergency Heat option on

Aux heat option on panel:

This is new so I’ll have to look into it, but 2GIG often refers to Aux and Emergency as interchangeable.

2GIG often refers to Aux and Emergency as interchangeable.

Then someone should educate them. The heat pump tstat functions for Aux and Emer heat are not the same (as explained above). One runs with first stage heat (as supplemental), the other expressly locks out the heat pump itself.