Thermostat Not Following Schedule

I have a dual zone HVAC system in my house (upstairs and downstairs). I have setup a schedule for them and set them to auto mode. With the upstairs zone I have it set to 82" in cool mode. So, when the temp is above 82’ the Air Con is supposed to turn on. I’ve noticed lately at night (which happens to be when I’m home), the air con will turn on when it’s already 79-80 degrees (which shouldn’t happen since that’s bellow the 82’ threshold). I cannot figure out why that’s happening, and that’s made me concerned that the system is not working the way it’s supposed to when I’m gone. I haven’t noticed it acting outside the schedule downstairs or at other times, but I’m worried that’s happening. Please help me figure out why it’s not following the schedule… Thanks!

This is likely the result of the Smart Humidity control option, which uses AC to dehumidify. Looks like you do indeed have that enabled on the upstairs thermostat.

AC will run to try and manage humidity based on the humidity differential. By default it is 3 degrees, so will run up to 3 degrees below your set point.

You can edit the configuration on the thermostat page. You can disable the smart humidity control on the automation page.

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That did it. I turned off Smart Humidity and within a few seconds the AC turned off👍. Thank you!

Now it’s 5 degrees above the schedule. I have the smart humidity turned off. I used to have the temp go up 5 degrees on hot days but I turned that off about a month ago but it seems to be still in effect. Or the A/C just not turning on when it’s supposed to. Not sure what to do.


There are a number of other interactions that may occur. Please be sure to go over your thermostat rules in A possible cause may be Smart Away. You have Smart Away enabled, which uses your Away schedule temperature when you arm the system Away mode.

You also have Sensor Left Open energy saver rules in place. It looks like they are set to turn the thermostat off if any one of a group of sensors are left open for 2 minutes.

While it is possible that the old extreme temp rule never got purged successfully from the thermostat if there was any signaling issues at the time in the Z-wave network, I would make sure to look into other issues first.

If it seems the extreme temp override is still occurring, try turning on and off the extreme temp rule again. this should clear it.