Thermostat Issue

I just received my Thermostat. I was able to set everything up and connected to but when I tested the heat and the AC, the AC setting was blowing heat. I have re-wired and installed numerous thermostats before with no issues but cannot figure this out. The thermostat itself shows the AC setting, shows AC and the temp (and temp range) were set below the current temperature. The fan on the outside sender unit runs, just doesn’t blow cold air.

I have electric heat and AC. The old thermostat was a Honeywell WiFi thermostat. Wires on the Honeywell are: Red-R(jumper to RC), Orange-W, Yellow-Y, Green-G, Blue-C and White and Black wires BOTH into W2.

Wired per instructions with all wires, the Black wire had an E label so I taped it off and used the white wire for W2. When that didn’t work, I tried both wires in W2 as with the Honeywell. That didn’t work either.

Annoyed, I re-wired the Honeywell. AC works.

Any suggestions before I call an HVAC company to charge me ridiculous money for a basic task?

What is the model number of Honeywell thermostat were you using?

Keep in mind that some Honeywell thermostats have a somewhat poorly labeled terminal block which is dual purpose and different functionality whether it is a heat pump system or a regular furnace. Do you have a heat pump instead?

What it sounds like is that you have a Heat pump but are reading the standard furnace labels. If you have the model I am thinking of, the heat pump labels are on the other side of the terminal block (under the terminals).

If I had to guess, I would say the orange wire is likely connected to an O/B terminal.

Without seeing it, what you probably have to do is attach the orange wire to O/B on the T2000.

AUX (white wire) should be placed on W on the T2000. Is the Black wire just a jumper to the E terminal? If so, remove and ignore jumper to E.

All other terminals would match 1 for 1.

Honeywell’s RTH8580WF Wi-Fi Thermostat

It does have the outer block as you assumed.

I attached a picture of the Honeywell wiring

Yep, that’s not the exact model I was thinking of but the same style of labeling. You’ll need to know whether or not you have a Heat Pump system. Based on your description this is almost certainly the case.

Unless it is not standard, I believe you would just use the White wire into W, tape off the black, the Orange wire into O/B, the rest 1 for 1. You need to select Heat Pump during online setup of the ADC T2000. It will assume so based on the wiring config.

O/B is the changeover terminal which directs a heat pump to switch between cool and heat.

I know that I have Emergency Heat and I think that indicates which system I have. I don’t recall if I do or don’t have a heat pump (new house).

I will try that set up and see if it works.

I don’t know how to find the those settings without manually doing it so I think I will delete the thermostat off the panel and and re-install from scratch.

Thanks Jason.

I don’t know how to find the those settings without manually doing it so I think I will delete the thermostat off the panel and and re-install from scratch.

No problem, it is better to do it this way, reinstall, and follow the ADC prompts regarding the wiring and setup.

Afterward the settings can be found under the configuration gear on the thermostat card while logged into the website.

This worked for anyone who wants to know. All is right and working.

I’m having the same issue. Blowing hot

I’m having the same issue. Blowing hot

I’m not seeing a Surety account under this username, do you have service through us?

I cannot confirm what might be wrong with the photo of the thermostat wiring. Was that thermostat self-installed or was it installed by a security dealer? If it was installed by a dealer, please be sure to contact your dealer for assistance.

The color coding is not standard as I would expect, but it may just match up that way at the HVAC too, you would need to check that. Be sure that the O/B wire is correct if you have a heat pump.

Generally, the blue wire is used for the C terminal. Generally, the orange wire is used for the O/B changeover terminal. Take a look at your HVAC where the thermostat connects to the HVAC terminals and be sure the wires match up properly.