Temp Sensors showing N/A

I was wondering if someone could help? i attempted to install an temp sensor last night but cannot get it to work. I followed the instructions, rediscovered and added the sensor successfully to my Simon xti panel. When I log into my account it shows the sensor was installed but it does not give out a temperature reading is shows N/A. I have tried hitting the pairing button the side to see if it would update but nothing. I have uninstalled and installed the sensor 3 times already with no luck. Any help would greatly appreciated.

Hmm, the first thing that comes to mind is that you would need the latest module firmware for full compatibility. Do you have 183 firmware? This would be indicated on the module sticker inside the panel. (XNNN where NNN is the three digit firmware.)

Also, technically with Interlogix panel modules, firmware cannot be upgraded on the module. From time to time patches are developed for compatibility concerns, but none are currently available for this device and I can’t say whether one would occur. So if you do not have an X183 or higher module you would need to swap the module I believe.

Thanks for the response.
You are right in I do not have the updated firmware. Jason what would you recommend me doing? Purchasing a new xti panel with the updated firmware or updating to a newer system like the qolsys panel? If I read correctly I can use my current z-wave door sensors and light modules with the qolsys?

For the most part, you would be able to use the same peripherals with Qolsys, yes. (The door sensors wouldn’t be Z-wave, Z-wave sensor devices are not compatible with most alarm panels, they would be 319 mhz security sensors.) We directly sell Qolsys panels, they have built in cell communicators.

However, Simon XTi communication modules themselves are replaceable, and pretty easy to swap out if you would like to go that route. The video below shows the process.

We do not directly sell Simon modules currently, but they can be purchased separately to keep the cost of a full panel replacement down. You would just want to make sure to get a 3G (or I believe 4G cards are available for the Simon XTi) with firmware 183 or higher and Z-wave compatible. You’ll want to verify the firmware version with the seller. You can typically even find them on Amazon.

Thanks for the great info! I did a search on Amazon and did find the module. If you were in my shoes what route would you take? update the card for $120 or update to new panels? The Simon xti looks outdated now compared to the qolsys and 2gig panels. Qolsys would be the route I would take if I did upgrade because I have a bunch of GE sensors.
My current system has 15 ge door/window sensors, 2 cameras, thermostat and 3 ge light modules.

I would say it would depend on what you are looking for with the service. The Qolsys would be a good bet, of course. If you are interested in switching to a new panel, that would be my recommendation. The cameras, if they are used with Cloud Video Service, would not be dependent on the panel type. If you are referring to Image Sensors, they would be.

One last question if I were to swap my module for the x183 module, would I have to relearn all my sensors or would everything remain the same just relearn the temperature sensor? Also are there any other new option features I would get with the updated module?

Swapping a Simon XTi Module would not affect security sensors. It would only require re-enrolling Z-wave network devices. Additional Z-wave device compatibility, and improved signalling, depending on your current module version, may also result. If you currently have a 2nd Gen module (<170) you should notice improved command performance.

Cool, Jason would I have to delete my z-wave sensors before I change out the module? Or will they automatically delete from my xti panel and account once the chip is removed?

Z-wave devices link to a single parent controller, so they would need to be deleted before or after the swap. (You can clear their connection with any controller network)

On the XTi: Config gear - Programming - Installer Code - Interactive Services - Zwave - Remove Device. Then perform the pair procedure on the device from which you want to clear its link. Same procedure for all Zwave nodes.

Hi Jason,
Ran into some problems, I cleared out my z-wave devices and installed the the new GSM module. I installed all my z-wave devices successfully but my account is not receiving anything. My account has zero z-wave devices. Could it be that I received a bad GSM module? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you installed a new cellular module you will need to tell your service provider because you’ll have a new cellular number and they will need to update their end to match it.

Lol I contacted my provider and they instructed me to install the GSM and re-install the z-wave device. Thank you for this new information, I will call them today and explain the registering part to them.

Hi guys, I got the new module programmed successfully. Got everything working great! Two days later my thermostat and light modules said that they were disconnected on the app. I hit the buttons on my thermostat and I was able to connect my thermostat again. I spoke to and they stated I might need a z-wave repeater to help with the signal. With my old module I had before the upgrade I had no disconnection problems whatsoever in two years I have owned it. Any suggestions?

When you relearned the Zwave devices, did you bring the panel close to them (within a few feet) in order to learn in each individual device? This is typically necessary to ensure proper function. Also, you will want to run a network rediscovery after learning in new devices.