T3000 vs Ecobee Thermostat

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Recently signed up for service (prior Frontpoint customer) and at the moment, I am very pleased.

I currently own an Ecobee thermostat and would like to know everyone’s thoughts on the T3000. It would be nice to have the thermostat integrated with my service and work with my existing door/window sensors. Are there any potential downsides besides having to maintain my subscription?

To get the full benefit of the T3000 you would need an subscription, yes, however there are more local controls than the T2000, making it more user friendly as a simple thermostat.

The ecobee is primarily a wifi tstat, so switching to a Z-wave thermostat would not use the same communication path. If you already have some other Z-wave devices or the Tstat wouldn’t be too far away from the panel you should be fine either way though.

The bulk of HVAC development is going to be for the thermostat, and it is generally the most advanced thermostat experience you can have with ADC.

Some of the features that would be added with use of an compatible thermostat include:

  • Sensor Left Open overrides - automatically adjust the set point by an amount if certain doors/windows are left open for a period of time to avoid energy waste.
  • Away from Home override - automatically adjust the set point when arming Away or when all Geo-Devices leave the location.

Thanks for the info. I found this article as well, which explains everything in full detail:

I just may try it out.

That article is referencing the T2000, not the T3000, but the 3000 builds on what the 2000 provides. See below for some upgraded features of the T3000

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Thanks for the additional info.