When i open one of my doors, still says it is closed even though it is open. also I am not getting my notifications like i use to. Please look into to my account.

What notifications are you currently testing? It looks like this is after a recent panel swap, is that correct?

Your panel seems to be communicating well. Can you check your notifications page in to check whether any notifications were paused or need edited due to changes after the panel swap?

Is the sensor you are referring to reporting open and close properly on the panel itself?

Yes this is after a panel swap. I am testing the notifications on all sensors.

I am not receiving any notifications email, text or on

The sensors are reporting properly on the panel but not on

To Clarify: are you testing alarm signals or are you testing the sensor left open notification? It looks like the left open notification is set for 5 minutes, and there are no real time sensor activity notifications. Just want to verify you are testing by leaving sensors open for 5 or more minutes.

Can you still send commands to the panel through the mobile app/website? For example, does the panel arm stay if you send the command from the app?

The real time status of my sensors are not being reported correctly on or on my app

I do see other signals coming from the system.

Let’s try a couple things, may I send a reboot command to the panel?

After the reboot can you try going in the website to the sensors page and turning off Activity Monitoring for all sensors, save, then wait 5 minutes and turn it back on and save. Wait 5-10 minutes and try testing a few sensors. Any change?

Yes please send reboot command to the panel

Command was sent, go ahead and test. Also, make sure you are not in “Sensor Test” mode on the panel. Sensor status will not be updated if you have Sensor Test mode on.

I did the test following your instructions. I am still not getting notifications to or to my app.

We’ve sent a couple commands to try to sync up the system. Can you try a couple tests? We would like to see what all is currently successful, which should help us determine the issue:

  1. Cell Phone Test
  2. Sensor Signals
  3. Trip an Alarm Signal