Shows Sensor That Has Been Deleted at the Panel

I had a sensor break a couple of months ago. I removed it from the panel, added a new one (giving it the same name), and everything seemed to be working fine.

I don’t use the app often, and just noticed this weekend that the “old” sensor was still showing in the app, with an “open” status. I went on the website, and the sensor shows there, too. I renamed it to “Deleted” and told the system to stop watching it’s status, and everything seems to be working.

I’d like to remove it from…I don’t see a delete option in the app or website. I suppose it was supposed to be removed when I removed it from the panel. I checked the panel - it definitely is not there anymore, so I am not sure how to make it go away…


Happy to help. In most cases, removing the sensor from programming will remove it from, although the change in may not be immediate.

I am currently showing the sensor named “Delete” as a recently deleted device, and it should not be showing up in ADC on your end at this time. Are you able to confirm? You may need to log out of the ADC app, then back in, to see the change reflected.

Yes, it seems to be gone now! Thanks!

Old thread but same problem. I deleted a sensor a few days ago and added a new tilt one, both changes are reflected on the panel, but neither change shows up in the mobile app or It’s been multiple days. I renamed the deleted sensor to “Garage Left Delete”.

[Edit] To be more accurate, the deleted sensor does not show up in the “Sensors” list on the mobile app, but neither does the new one. The deleted sensor does show up in the “Bypass Sensors” list.

Im only showing one Tilt sensor associated with the panel, it has not been selected for Sensor Activity Monitoring, this is done through the Sensors card of the website.

If you enable this feature, then trigger the tilt sensor, does it show the correct status at the panel and in ADC?

That tilt sensor is the old one that I deleted on the panel side. It is no longer visible in the panel. It wouldn’t go away in ADC so as I was trying to get rid of it, to make it clear, I renamed it to “Garage Left Delete”. Then I added a new one called “Garage Door Left New” and it does show up on the panel, but not ADC.

The new one is paired and works properly and triggers the open notification on the panel.

To clarify, if you overwrite the old sensor and add the new tilt sensor into the same zone number as the old one, the name will not change in ADC.

This is because the names of sensors in ADC can be changed independently in ADC to provide more context in notifications if desired.

All the other programming parameters would sync, so the new DLID would be associated with that zone, but the name would not.

I sent a request to get the current sensor names and that zone name updated.

That fixed it thanks. Interesting to know. The two sensors (deleted and new one) have totally different ID’s I figured that was how they were linked together between the panel and ADC? So you’re saying they link some other way?

All other programming parameters sync. The new ID was already there.

If you had added the new sensor as an unused zone number then it would have shown up as a new sensor with the new name.

Instead the existing zone number was edited. The name will not be updated in that case unless the zone was fully cleared from first. If you edit the existing zone or delete and relearn a new sensor right away this can happen.

It only affects the name. We can request the names or you can also manually change the name in under settings > manage devices.

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