security drones

Are these guys serious? Shut up and take my money.

Still looking for more details, not much to be found. Apparently ADC released a few seconds of footage of the drone prototype

Here’s some footage of the Snapdragon drone platform, this makes me slightly less pessimistic about this thing’s chances of functioning outdoors

Still looking for more details, not much to be found

Same, but keep in mind this is just an announcement. There’s no exact ETA yet, so it is difficult to expect when details or demonstrations will be available. Although I imagine as we progress through the year, you’ll see more and more on this. It’s pretty splashy as far as security industry announcements go.

keep in mind this is just an announcement

For sure. I would be shocked if this actually launches before CES 2018. I’m just surprised they’re telling people “ is targeting a launch for their drone service at the end of 2017.”

Yep I raised an eyebrow. Even if not released I’d like to see a working demonstration of capabilities.

I had a feeling this was just hype back then. Did they give up on this idea? Seems so at least

There haven’t been any recent announcements but I don’t think they gave up on it. I think it will become commonplace, especially in commercial security. is making a big push into commercial security.

They just got the patent on this last month.

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