Scenes Support

It would be nice if supported scenes for home automation. Any information on when that will happen? As a paying customer I’d hate to have to add another ecosystem just to control that when all of my other automation and security is already served through, my Qolsys panel and the mobile apps already.

It would be fantastic. This has been a request for a while, and we have been told it is coming soon.

LOL, I opened this as a support ticket online because Ryan suggested we should in an older post about this and they’d be forwarded to ADC. I see that it got punted here. Coming soon is better than coming never :slight_smile:

The tickets are directed to us, rather than going directly to ADC. That being said, we can forward them to ADC (and will in this case) so sometimes we will specifically ask for one in order to do so. If we aren’t expecting a ticket, it can sit in limbo, and/or go to the wrong team, which delays our response.

Sorry for any confusion!

It’s all good Amanda, this isn’t close to being a time critical issue :slight_smile:

You guys rock though.