rules triggered by fire alarm

Do you know if there is a way to setup empower rule via that is triggered based on alarm tripped by one of the environmental sensors such as fire or flood? I’m only able to select intrusion based sensors. For example: I want to program rule that will in case of fire alarm turn on all the z-wave lights and unlock the door lock. Is this not possible currently via or do I have these sensors programmed incorrectly in my panel.

I haven’t tried to do that before and, no, it doesn’t appear that allows it. I’ll do some digging and find out whether it’s possible. It might be that doesn’t want to deal with the liability of people counting on z-wave automation in life safety situations. I’ll let you know what I find out. is looking into including fire and carbon monoxide to the rules section so customers can create them if they’d like. We’ve forwarded this inquiry on so the home automation team is aware of the continued interest. Currently, there is only one way to set up a rule for if there is a fire or carbon monoxide alarm. When going to emPower -> Thermostats, there is a checkbox for “Turn off thermostat and fan for 1 hour in the event of a Fire/Smoke or Carbon Monoxide alarm.” Let’s hope they add life safety sensors to the general emPower Rules section soon.