Alarm.Com Reporting Patio Door Sensor as Open

Hi Guys

Just finished installing our 2GIG system and am loving the new alarm set up. One problem I am seeing though is that is reporting our 5816 Patio Door sensor as Open when the 2GIG panel does not report it as such. Any ideas what the problem might be?

What is the reported signal strength of your module, and is it roaming?

I’ve never seen a situation where a sensor shows the correct status on 2GIG but not on that is limited to just one sensor, with the other sensors working. Can you log into and look at the History tab? Open and close your doors and verify that you can see them opening and closing in the event history. You’ll have to refresh the History page to see the updates. Are you able to see the other doors opening and closing but not the patio door?

Yes that is correct, the patio door shows open pretty much all the time. I am considering to reset my panel to see if that may fix it. The cell signal says 9/10/11 depending on the time of day. Cell test comes back clean.

But you can see the patio door opening and closing reliably on the 2GIG panel?

Yup the 2GIG panel has been flawless every time

I think I am going to remove and re-add this sensor tonight and see how it goes. Maybe that will fix it.

That was going to be my next recommendation.

  1. Delete the sensor.
  2. Send a cell phone test.
  3. Verify that the sensor no longer shows up on
  4. Re-add the sensor.
  5. Send another cell phone test.

If that doesn’t work, try again but add the sensor as a different RF Sensor # in 2GIG system configuration.