remote connection stopped working

As of yesterday evening I stopped receiving push notifications via I’m unable to arm or disarm the system via web interface or mobile device and my account does not reflect current status of my system. Can you please check my account for any issues?

It looks like your cellular module stopped communicating with this morning between 7am and 8am EST and hasn’t communicated since. Everything looks normal on the account except that communication is down. I don’t see any cell tower outages yet in your area but if a tower is down you might be the first to notice.

Please try the following.

  1. Run a cell phone test. If the cell phone test passes then the problem is probably solved.
  2. If the cell phone test fails, try power cycling your control panel. Unplug it from wall power and disconnect the backup battery. Plug the battery back in and then plug it back into wall power. After it boots back up, wait a minute and then run another cell phone test.
  3. If that doesn't help, try powering it off again, remove the cell module from the control panel and re-seat it, make sure the antenna is attached properly, power back on and run another cell phone test.
  4. If that doesn't work then let me know and we'll go from there.

These videos might help with the process, although you’re not replacing your module, you’re just re-seating it.

I followed all your recommended steps because cell phone test failed with “Connection error. Retrying” and “Phone test over radio modem timed out” message. Even after re-seating the module test keeps failing with same errors. Signal strength shows 31/31 in the radio status display but there are two errors displayed on the next page - cannot connect and PDP denied.

Hey Stefan, sorry I was out of the office today and should have handed this over to another technician. I’ll get someone on it first thing in the morning.

No problem. Actually, the system started communicating again earlier today. I was able to arm and disarm the system remotely. I just got back home and re-run the cell test and it passed without issue.
I have a question regarding loss of cell communication. Should I’ve been alerted by CS that they lost ability to monitor my system? Is there a setting within unit that may not configured properly to notify CS of loss of communication?

Normally yes but in looking at your event history it looks like your system was intermittently communicating throughout the day yesterday. When it did communicate, that would reset the communication failure timer so didn’t generate a communication failure signal to the central station. There are settings in the 2GIG panel about communication failure time but they affect how long it takes for the panel to start beeping about a trouble condition.

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