Outdoor Cameras

hey guys im wanting to see if there an extention cable avaiable for the outdoor cameras or a way to extend the power cable im looking at installing a couple cameras at my grandmothers

How much extra length do you need on the power cable? Typically you can just splice in some 18/2, but you might want to double up the conductors if it is too far.

It prob maybe 30 ft I believe

You should be ok with just using 18/2 and splicing it on the power supply wire. If it might be a little longer than that, you could run 18/4 and use two conductors for + and two for -, this will cut down on voltage loss.

18 awg cable can be found online or at hardware stores. (online may be best at the moment) You can often find them in 50 or 100 foot spools for like $10-15