now supports Inovelli light switches and colored bulbs

We are excited to announce the addition of the Inovelli Black and Red Series on/off switches, dimmers, and multi-color bulb to the ecosystem. Homeowners can enjoy remote control and automation of Inovelli products on the Mobile App and Website.

Finally, an affordable, high-quality colored bulb for

The only sad news is the colored bulbs are out of stock due to COVID-19 supply chain issues and aren’t expected back in stock for a few months. But if you already have them, they work great!

I just added 4 of these that I got on inovelli’s website. I’m kind of disappointed that I haven’t been able to set the color of the bulbs. Only thing I’ve found/noticed while surfing on my account, is that custom, specific color can only be activated via an automation/scheduling rule. Is this the only way to access the different colors available with this bulb?

On-demand color control is available through the mobile app. You can configure rules through the website.

Thank you Jason I found the color control on the app! These lights are really awesome