All of the sudden I’m not receiving alarm signals via my app on my iPhone. I have tried logging off and back on and I have rechecked the push notifications option. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Well, I do not see any alarms occurring in history over the last few days, so if it is only alarm notifications specifically we would want to go a different testing road here.

I do see other types of push notifications which would have been sent the last few days. Arming/Disarming etc. Are you saying you are not receiving any of these?

Have you purchased a new phone? Or did you previously turn off Push and turn it back on?

I see in the account history that a new instance of the Push device was created and deleted. I believe this is likely where your problem lies if you are not receiving any notifications.

I would turn off push notifications, delete the existing push device in Wait ten minutes. Then turn on push notifications again and use the new instance of the push device as a recipient in your notifications.