missing morning schedules again

I am about done with ADC. While some of the slowness issues seem to be getting resolved the intermittent reliability for it running schedules is becoming painful. Twice this week already it has missed my morning schedule. I Monday and today my 4:40am did not fire. It has been very reliable until the last 2-3 weeks. Why just that schedule I am not sure. But the combination of Qolsys quirks and ADC quirks has me rethinking my entire 7 month old system. If I can find the time to research alternatives to both I think I just might do that. will be directly addressing any further scheduling issues.

So that we can relay the best information possible, could you provide a few details?

  1. The specific rule name that failed.
  2. Does recreation of the rule temporarily resolve the failure?
  3. The model of the Zwave device being controlled by the failed schedule.
  4. Has this device or type of device been the only one to have failed recently for you?

I had a 4:40am rule called Morning Pendants that has not fired 3 days now this week. I can go to ADC app and turn them on so I know the Qolsys and zwave is working. Today I deleted and recreated the rule so we will see what happens, but as I have stated between ADC and Qolsys in the 7 months I have owned this set up I am less than happy. The zwave device is a GE Lowes based switch only device. Half my devices are the the GE/Loews switches and then the Linear switches with some of their dimmers. All devices seem to work fine manually controlled and all other schedules seem fine.

I’ll have looking into this one as well, but in this case I would recommend running a network rediscovery also. Through some diagnostics it looks like a very small percentage of Z-wave command packets are failing within your network. However, if those lost packets are related to the lighting device in your failing schedule it would make sense.

Where is that Zwave device in relation to others in your network? Distance between it and control panel? Is the switch in a metal gang box?

The z-wave is about 5 feet from the panel. Is the rediscovery in the Qolsys? Everything has been decent until the latest Qolsys upgrade.

Yes. Settings - Installer Code - Installation - Home Control Devices - Rediscover Network. Press the upper left checkbox to select all devices then hit Rediscover.

Five feet should obviously not pose a problem, but if you have never run a rediscovery it may help.

OK, ran a rediscovery and it found all my devices without issues, including the one device 25-30 feet away and in the basement. All other devices are on same floor as Qolsys and within 15 feet of the panel. But the schedule failed again today. This is crazy, I deleted and recreated the schedule and it only misses that one schedule. I tried it at 4:40 and 4:50 figuring maybe they had some issue at the set time. I can turn the switch on and off everything from the ADC app or website.

As a test, can you try splitting that rule into two rules? One that turns the light on when you want and leaves it on indefinitely. Then a second rule which turns it off at a specific later time.

When I get a chance I will, but it fired today just fine now set for4:30am

I know people are frustrated with ADC and their lack of response time and proactive drive to resolve issues.

I just wanted to say that SuretyCam is also a factor when you look at ADC and SuretyCam is one of the best companies you could ever hope for to be on your side to help you resolve issues with ADC.

I have been enticed to switch from ADC as well, but there really is not an alternative that is as robust and then I also factor in that I would lose the service and support of SuretyCam.

Hang in there and maybe SuretyCam will convey that a lot of people are getting really frustrated with ADC service.

We appreciate the confidence. We are continuing to work with on any accounts with lingering issues. The suggested troubleshooting steps help to narrow down the cause. One of the more difficult parts is the attempt to recreate the symptoms, in some cases we cannot so account specific testing is very helpful.

I never split the rule, but it did start working reliably now.