Light percentages

Hi, Ive always had issues with modifying my dimmable wall switch. I use alexa and I just say lights on or off. Somehow is changing it to 22% in this instance, instead of 100% or 0%. Ive attached screenshots of my alexa commands and my activity log. Can you escalate it to them and see what they say please. At 12:35 I opened the app and swiped to 100.

Screenshot_20210718-003650_Alarmcom Screenshot_20210718-004116_Amazon Alexa

I believe that just turning “On” will not set it to 100%, but rather will set it to whatever its prior state was upon turning off.

Did you have that light dimmed to 22 previously?

If not, what is the model number of the dimmer switch?

Does the same occur if you turn it “On” via the app?

No, I never dim the lights. I just did back to back to back voice commands and I think I know whats happening. As the light ramps up if it is turned off via voice it only goes back to that percentage… So this time it was lagging the commands and was stuck at 4% in my log. I then tested the actual switch and it doesnt matter when I press the button it goes full power when turned back on. So its not a local problem, its either voice or adc problem. Its a Go control wd500z wall dimmer switch.

Screenshot_20210719-094604_Alarmcom Screenshot_20210719-094729_Amazon Alexa

At 9:45 it sets 99% and then sets 4% right after it

Ignoring voice control for the moment, let’s try to recreate it in other ways.

Does the same occur if you turn it “On” via the app?

Does the same occur if you turn it “On” via the panel screen?

Hi, so from the app cycling on and off buttons it works as you would think, adc doesnt see the off and on from zwave in real time atleast, there is just a slider. Its only on voice commands. I dont normally say turn and off in rapid succession so Im not sure why it has always done this. Ill be sitting here and it will just occur to me its dim and sure enough ill look at the app and its at a random percentage, not 99 or 100% Alexa is not interrupting me saying something other than lights on or off.

Screenshot_20210719-145718_AlarmcomScreenshot_20210719-145923_Amazon Alexa

Ok, thank you, I’m sending all these details to ADC to look into and test. Will follow up shortly.

any update?

Yes, so based on history and discussion with, we can see in history that ADC is first attempting to set the Dimmer to its correct previous value.

After that fails at a different percentage (for example 22%), ADC then sets it to that percentage the next time you say “On” since it was the previous dim level.

The recommended step here is going to be to delete that Z-wave dimmer from the network, re-add it to the panel, then run a network rediscovery.

After deleting and re-adding, set the dimmer to a specific percentage, 99 or 100. Then, try off and on via voice.

Ok so I did as you said and it is now Id 10 on zwave. There was no change in performance. It still makes up its own percentage with voice commands. I then tried rapidly off and on with the app controls and could not get it to mess up. There is some kind of intergration issue with amazon. I like the ramp up and down of the light but I do not change the level. It works as it should locally and thru the app control, its just voice. I dont get it though because my activity on alexa is just on and off no percentages in the logs. If I have the light turning off and then say turn back on and its at 40% at that exact moment thats where it stays the next time. Id rather not change to a simply light on and off kind of switch nor do I want to spend the money.

Id rather not change to a simply light on and off kind of switch nor do I want to spend the money.

Another work-around for the moment may be to just set the percentage by voice.

It would be a good test either way to see if there is a difference in reaction.

Try issuing a voice command to set the light to 100% from an off state. Does it reach 100? Or does it stop early again? Is that repeatable?