iphone app

When you launch the app and it gives you the previews of all the tabs you can see a certain amount of lights you have, then you must click on the tab and it takes you to the full list.
How can you pick which lights it shows in the preview tab? My current problem is I have like 8 and the ones I use the least are showing up so i have to click it every time. This also effects my apple watch as well, they share the same order.

The only way to currently reorganize Zwave devices in the list on would be to learn them into the panel in the order you wish to see.

They are displayed in order of their Device ID as sent by the alarm panel after pairing them to the network.

I had to double check this because I remember asking about this in the past. It should be a fairly simple addition, I would expect. I’ve made a formal request for it.

I have added a z-wave on/off switch and when I log into my adc account it shows up under the emPower tab and shows an OK status. However the switch doesn’t show up on our adc app and I can control it from anywhere. Did I maybe miss a step somewhere?

No. You may need to log out and log back into your ADC App to view the change.

If you can view it online on the ADC website, you should be set. Note that only a limited number of lights will show up on the home page of the App.