Investigation into Apple Watch OS 8 errors

We have had reports of an issue with Apple Watch which appears to have been caused by the latest Watch OS and iOS 15.2. We have notified and they are currently investigating this behavior to determine a resolution.

Is this the issue that is being investigated? I have an Apple Watch 6 running WatchOS 8.3.

Yes, the behavior is seen as the watch displaying this error message and only being accessible with the phone app actively open.

is there any update or eta for a resolution on this bug?

No info on an app update yet. ADC suggested a potential set of workaround steps:

  1. Disable Two Factor Authentication.

  2. Force close the App, then re-open it.

  3. Log in to the App using the Apple Watch.

  4. With the App open on the Apple Watch, re-enable Two Factor Authentication on the phone.

I’m actually hearing that a new app update should be out soon to address this issue.

It seemed to work today after going through the process you recommended and upgrading to os 8.4 which appears to have just come out, so one or both seems to have corrected the issue.