Energy Management "Green Button"

Green Button allows customers of selected utilities to download detailed information about their electricity usage. emPower Energy, combined with Green Button data, can help you track and analyze your energy usage. Green Button analysis is a free service available to you at no cost.

Green Button is an industry-led effort that responds to a White House call-to-action to provide consumers with easy-to-understand data about their household energy usage. Green Button data can act as a supplement to your existing whole home metering device or act as your main whole home metering device and allow you to gain a full experience with energy management.

Green Button allows for your electricity provider to provide you with energy usage information for every 15 minutes, every day, or every month.

ADC’s Green Button signup apparently requires uploading the usage report in XML format. However, the sole distributor for the entire state of Texas (Oncor) outside of major city providers only allows download in CSV format. Their site is When will ADC allow CSV import as well?

Are you saying a file you are attempting to upload from your computer is in CSV format and you need XML? You can use any spreadsheet program to resave the file in another format.

Got this working on my ADC account with data downloaded from xcel energy (MN). Looks great, its pretty cool to see readings go back to when I first moved into my home.

I do have one issue though- it seems that in my area, readings are taken frequently but not daily. So I’ll have normal data for most of the week, then one day with no reported usage then the next day with double the normal daily amount. While not a big deal, it would be pretty cool if ADC would average the usage over those two days.

I have sent this suggestion to ADC.