DoorBell Camera is not ringing light is solid green

Hi Surety Team,
I had got the Video Door Bell at my main door installed. It was working for 1-2 hours and then it suddenly stopped working. The light on the door bell is solid green. I tried deleting it from and add it again as per the instructions but its not ringing. I can see the camera and talk also. But when someone presses the door bell it just doesn’t ring inside. It just make a noise outside on the door bell

Can you please guide me as how to fix this issue OR its related to any hardware failure.

Looks like you have no chime type selected in settings. You’ll need to choose the appropriate type, digital or mechanical, based on the type of chime you have.

In website go to Video > Settings > Video Device Info

I did that as suggested but it still doesnt ring on the indoor chime. It only rings on the outside video door bell and on Qolosys panel.

Please let me know the resolution for this.

When you press the doorbell button, does the LED double flash blue?

No it doesnt turn blue. it stys green even on pressing it. In Ideal state its solid green, once I press it it blinks green, chime on the video door bell and also on Qolosys Panel. But nothing chimes on inside home main chime. I did check the wiring if anything is loose in main chime but it doesnt seems like as main door bell is getting power and is green.

Can you provide a photo of the power module wiring at the chime?

The next step would be to reboot the doorbell.

Press and hold the doorbell button for 40-45 seconds until the LED starts flashing yellow then release. Wait for it to reboot. Any change?