compatible cameras?

Hi there,

Is it just me or is it somewhat upsetting that only supports 2 internal cameras (both seem to be proprietary)?

I wanted to buy the arlo from Costco but that doesn’t appear to be compatible.

Do you know if plans to add additional devices or are we limited and stuck :frowning:


Is it just me or is it somewhat upsetting that only supports 2 internal cameras (both seem to be proprietary)?

There are more than two cameras, but yes,’s back-end service uses proprietary software to ensure the security of video. This page goes over compatible cameras.

New models are released fairly regularly, but no you cannot use cameras that do not have manufactured firmware (aside from Analog cameras with an Encoder, like the VS420).

Got it…

Am I better off going with a Arlo (costco/best buy) and then just using their app?

I can get 2 Arlo Wirelss 1080p cameras for $269 which includes free access to the cam’s for live view. If I get an camera like the 721W, it’s only 720p and they’re expensive!

Is there a benefit to having it all managed throug the app?

I’m trying to increase my footprint, but if I’m buying hardware (that to me looks dated) i wonder if it makes sense to stay in the ecosystem or branch out to just having a 2nd app on my phone.

Is there a compelling reason to use the cam’s?



A large part of the draw is integration with the security system - sensor triggered recordings, alarm recordings, instant notification and access via the same app you use for security. Individual clip recordings can be easily downloaded and managed online. No advanced networking required, and unless you are going to watch extended lengths of live streaming video, no need to manage port-forwarding.

You are also looking at support from your dealer and Whereas with the option you’ve mentioned above, the free option offers 3 months of support and much less storage.

Also keep in mind: the numbers don’t always add up. You would need to ask your dealer about pricing and support, but I’ll mention that through suretyDIY, four cameras and an SVR for 24/7 recording is a total of $10/month added to an interactive service plan through us.

The option you are referencing, according to their own website, would be $40/month for 14 days of 24/7 recording, (much less than the storage-customizable ADC SVR) and $80/month for the more reasonable but still not comparable 30 days for 4 cameras.