Communication Failure from Android Phone

I have a 2gig GC3 panel set up in my home using monitoring from suretyhome. My wife and I have both set up the app on our Android phones to control the system.

Every few days, we get an alert from like this:

Communication Failure reported for Samsung SM-G973U
The device Samsung SM-G973U has not communicated with for 24 hours

I would expect this sort of message if we had communication problems with the alarm system, but “Samsung SM-G973U” is my wife’s cell phone. It sounds like this message is simply that the app on her phone isn’t regularly communicating with the servers and thus might not be notified of actual alarms. This error normally resolves itself a few hours later.

We don’t ever get this with my phone “Samsung SM-G975U”.

Is this a common issue? If so, any recommendations? My best bet is that the app is crashing or getting killed on her phone and not restarting successfully, but I haven’t found anything relevant from poking around on her phone.


Happy to assist!

This type of malfunction is related to Geo-Services. If you have Geo-Services enabled and the phone doesn’t check in with and report it’s location for 24 hours then you’ll get that trouble condition.

The other phone is not seeing this malfunction because it is not currently enrolled in Geo-Services.

Typically the device shows malfunction after a day when GPS is turned off. Location services may be disable as well.

On Android its something along the lines of:

  1. Tap to open the Settings application.
  2. Tap Connections .
  3. Tap the Location toggle switch to enable location services.

If you don’t want a malfunction notice when a geo-services enabled mobile device doesn’t check in you can turn off the notification using the Website.

Note: This only applies to Android devices.

  1. Log into the Website.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Geo-Services
  4. Click the name of the Geo-Device to be edited.
  5. Click to uncheck Report Malfunction if Device fails to check in for 24 hours.
  6. Click Save.

Thanks for the explanation.