Camera Firmware Update

Was told by somebody you can push a firmware update to my (old Vivint) ADC-V520IR. I have it connected to my router fine. Firmware on the back of the cam says: ver. 0100M8

Once you connect it to, you can get the right firmware (0100e) pushed to it.

Is it connected to

Are you having trouble including it into your account?

Was this camera previously connected to a Sky Panel or has it only ever communicated through

We are unable to manually update camera firmware if it is not connected to your account, we would have no current visibility into it at all. Did you remove it from the previous account and reset the camera to default settings? This will be the necessary step before adding it into a new account.

This is the firmware your Vivint ADC-V520IR needs to be updated to (once you successfully install in on the video devices)


Got everything straightened out. Firmware pushed and up & running.