Wondering if you know of anything new or innovative plans on doing this year. I’m been really waiting for them to make move in the automation space, but they seem to be very stagnant. Any plans to work with more devices i.e. Nest protect (even if it doesn’t provide dispatch. I’ve heard they do not like wifi devices), nest doorbell, home entertainment integration options, or at least the ability to tie to a full functioning system like control 4 or savant.

While integration with various companies and devices is always being developed, I would not have any specific information and nothing regarding the companies you have mentioned currently. I will prod to see what I can find out regarding specific pairings.

I would expect this type of information to be announced at ISC West in April or ESX in June.

Keep in mind we have seen pairings with LeGrand, Rachio, Rainbird, Nest, etc. so its always possible.

If looking for intercom type integration, such as with Control4, it is possible to communicate via the app and the SkyBell, or between the SkyBell and the IQ Panel 2. Also 2-way communication exists with the ADC-V622 camera as well.