as Secondary Z-Wave Controller?

I have a GE Concord 4 panel with the communicator integrated with Z-Wave and am subscribed to with emPower.

I have a legacy Z-wave network that has a Leviton portable timer controller as the primary controller and two in wall hard wired Leviton ViziaRF Zone Controllers (with status lights) that are used to control various Z-wave enabled switches. The ability to have the always-ready Zone Controllers, to see the status of and control multiple switches remotely, was the primary driver behind my installing a Z-Wave network. I do not see the Leviton ViziaRF Zone Controllers listed as being supported by My current primary controller, which is also not listed as being supported by, has some capabilities that may not be available on including the ability to schedule events based on a user-defined offset to sunset.

I would like to have the added emPower functionality without giving up what I have or going through the setup of the entire network again. Is it possible to enroll as a secondary controller? If not, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

To better assist and be certain we are looking at the right equipment, could you provide the model numbers of the Primary controller you are using, as well as the zone controllers? would not be a secondary controller, the controller itself would be the Concord 4 (communication module, technically.)

That said, the Concord 4 should be able to function as a secondary controller to a primary with that capability. The device you mentioned as your primary controller might not have that functionality however, but if we can check the model we would know for sure.

Sounds like we have a shot at making this work. Thank you.

The Leviton primary (handheld) controller / timer is labeled VRCPG-SG. The two hardwired controllers are Leviton model number VRCZ4.

Well, it looks like you might be able to do so. You’ll want to refer to your VRCPG-SG manual regarding adding a secondary controller. It looks like these steps are found on page 8 of the installation manual.

Just make sure your Z-wave devices are learned into the VRCPG and then perform the steps outlined. The Concord 4 Z-wave inclusion process is performed via a button on the cell module. Instructions can be found here.

Compatible devices should then be shared with the Concord and then with ADC.

I could not locate the button to activate the z-wave inclusion mode on the board that is shown in the manual referenced in the last message. So, I set this project to the side for a year.

Now, the Leviton VRCPG-SG has failed and am attempting to setup the network with the Leviton Installer Tool. The immediate problem that I have is that I still cannot figure out how to get’s hardware into inclusion mode.

I have attached a picture of my board with some redactions. Please let me know if you need the numbers I have hidden and how to get it to you securely.

Thank you for your help!

There is one round button on the elevated board near the right edge close to the bottom.