I am a big fan of new tech and am getting ready to purchase a smart watch. My wife and I watched the Apple Watch event earlier this week and they had a short segment showing the app being used with the Apple Watch. I must admit I was really digging it, but I am an Android guy at heart. Do yall know if will work with an Android watch (Moto 360)? If not are they working on it at all?


You know, that’s a great question and I will have to get some light shed on that from I am sure they have android in the works.

The Apple version is not out yet exactly. I don’t think it is planned to be available until late April (though I believe that is the watch launch date)

They showed an early version on a Pebble Smartwatch at ISC West 2014.

Any word on an Android wear app?

I have not heard anything solid, but there was a lot of effort put into the Apple Watch App, so I would shocked if an equivalent wasn’t being developed for Android. My guess is there is an assumption the smart watch market will be dominated early on by the apple product.

Oh man, I’ve been tempted to get an Apple Watch just for the app :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh so tempting!

Stupid Apple did a great job of selling the app!

FYI… I have an Apple Watch and ADC.

It is handy and neat and one of the better watch kit apps out there.

That being said: Most of the time it is easier/faster to get out your phone. Why? Because of the current limitations of the watch. I expect this to change this fall when those restrictions are lifted.

It is very handy though if you do not have your phone on you, or don’t want to pull it out it works pretty well.

One area that is very nice is actionable alerts. I have arming reminders setup and when they fire I can just glance at my wrist and tap a button.