and lutron radiora 2

I recently had my lutron radiora 2 system configured with my account. I can control the devices from the web page or ipad app, but I cannot see their state. When a light has been manually turned on at home, it still appears off in the app (even after refreshing the page). Is something wrong with my configuration or the app itself?

When you manually turn on a light, is this status change properly reflected in the repeater’s UI?

When I manually turn on a light, the status change is correctly reflected in Lutron’s iphone app and android app: “Home+”, and in any physical keypads that we have as well. Lutron’s mobile apps are the closest thing there is to a UI for the main repeater (it’s basically a box with a handful of lights). Incidently, I’ve tried telneting to the main repeater console, and I see the appropriate status message are sent in Lutron’s integration protocol when a light is turned manually on or off. It is just the web app and the iphone app that do not reflect the change. I have tried rebooting the main repeater to no avail.

Let me know if I can provide any additional info.

David (originally posted as Dexter)

We’ve sent additional commands. Can you test and see if status will show up?

Hi Jason,

Still no luck. I turned on a light manually, and it shows as off in both the web and iphone app, but it shows as correctly on in the Lutron Home+ iphone app. I tried rebooting the main repeater to no avail.


Can you turn on a light and tell me the name of which one is turned on? Leave it on and I will check the signal history.

Sure thing. In the room labeled “3 - 3rd Floor Office”, there are seven lights. Only “3rd Floor Ceiling Lights” should be on. The rest should be off.


Alright, can you turn on another light that is currently off and tell me which it is?

Just turned on “3rd North Sconces” in room “3 - 3rd Floor Office”. It was previously off. Now just the 3rd Floor Ceiling Lights and “3rd North Sconces” are on in my office.


Have you been checking on the web site or just the app? I see the 3rd North Sconces reporting as “on”

What kind of phone are you using with the app?

Can you turn the 3rd Floor Ceiling Lights off and then back on?

Ok - things are working mostly better. Lights that I manually turn on now are reflected correctly on the web page about a minute after the change. The iPhone 6 app isn’t auto updating the light status, but I can refresh the view and then it is correct. Lights that were on before you started testing are still not represented properly in the iPhone 6 app, or the web page - so you clearly did something that got the new events to be reflected properly! Can you tell me what you changed, in case it needs to be done again sometime in the future?


Re-enabling the status updates and a couple equipment list requests to verify communication. Just needed to get it synced up it seems.

Just an addendum - the iPad app does not always reflect the light status, even after refreshing the view. The iPhone app actually seems less buggy, and does represent light status after refreshing the view. Given that it’s working on the web and iPhone 6, perhaps this is just a bug in the iPad version?

In any case, I think you got the job done, and we can close this issue out.

Thanks, Jason!

That may be the case. There are updates for the apps which will be applied sooner than later, I am told, with expanded support and bug fixes for the integration products.