- 4K Cameras

Hey Tyler, Jason,

I currently have an older Samsung 1080p security camera system and I’ve been looking to move to cameras for simplicity sake since I use for everything else (plus I love the AppleTV app) and seeing how 4K cameras are becoming more prevalent and affordable I wondered if either one of you had any inside information on adding 4K camera hardware support to there ecosystem?

I would hate to buy a whole new system on 1080p and then they release newer 4K cameras say the end of the year. :slight_smile:


I don’t have any knowledge of 4K models being on the way, at least currently (probably inevitable). As opposed to hardware, a big focus is currently being placed on smarter software and video analytics features which we are excited to start offering in full soon!

Instead of telling your cameras to let you know when something crosses a boundary in the image and getting 25 recordings of cars driving by, just receive notification when vehicles enter your driveway. Or only record movement made by humans and animals, rather than leaves blowing. More intelligent analytics is a big focus and exciting new features are on the way!

Thanks for the update on the 4K cameras Jason!

Also, thanks for the information on the software and video analytics features. I’ll keep an eye out for that when it becomes available. Would love to have smarter camera software so I’m not alway recording butterflies and spiders making spiderwebs.