Alarm and CS Phone issues?

Hey Surety Team,

I just had my alarm go off and received no call and when I tried to call the central station to inquire about it, both their callback number and alarm number rang as busy. Any ideas on the failure here?

Update: alarm tripped at 151 pm eat and no call until 210pm est

Yes, we have been notified that they are indeed experiencing processing delays beginning this afternoon which their IT team is investigating and resolving with their software provider at this time.

I just confirmed with them that the issue is improving but not yet fully resolved.

There was a very heavy inbound call volume recently, I don’t believe the call issue is directly related, it sounds like the main issue is a software one, which should be resolvable pretty quick.

Thanks @jwcsurety

Any updates on this?

The problem that occurred with the monitoring software was resolved shortly before 5pm yesterday. Inbound call delay may have been affected for a little longer due to the high volume of problem reports.