Aeotec Smart Strip

I bought a couple of Aeotec Smart Strips Model Number: DSC11-ZWUS.

The documentation says there are 4 individually controlled outlet, but when I pair it, I can only control the entire Strip and not individual outlets.

Anybody was successful pairing and controlling this power strip?


2GIG does not have the UI to offer individual control. That model is not currently officially supported that I know of.

Does it only add to the panel as one device?

It is likely their are technically 5 individual device command classes in that product. 4 independent outlets, and the one “whole strip”.

The additional command class for the 4 individual outlets is likely either not a supported type or the 2GIG does not look to break it into 5 separate devices.

Yes, it only adds as one device, and I can power them all off and on.

Oh bummer, do you know if the GC3 supports them?


The GC3 has a limited list of officially compatible Z-wave devices at the moment. Compatibility for new devices will likely come out around the same time for both, unless the GC3 has a needed capability that GC2 does not (newer Z-wave version, etc.)