Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switches Always Going Offline (But Not Really?)

It seems that every time I walk by my alarm panel, I see a “Needs Attention” alert.
When viewing results, it shows an error next to “Smart Devices”
Reviewing the notifications, it shows “Gym Patio Sump - Malfunction” and also “Game Room Patio Sump - Malfunction”

Going to Settings > Advanced Settings > System Test > Z-Wave Tests > Z-Wave Test it shows the status next to both as “Malfunction” I then click “Run” next to each of them, and they both instantaneously pass without issue and all errors are cleared. However, the next day I walk by and I see the same error and follow the same process to clear it.

I checked the z-wave network and it shows everything as good. Whenever I run the tests it passes without issue. It only effects these 2 Gen5 Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switches. Both are located in different areas. I see the error in the panel, but never in ADC.

How do I resolve this issue? Thanks.

Has this been occurring the whole time since including those two Z-wave nodes in the panel?

If not, roughly when did this start? Did it coincide with any firmware update?

Are the malfunctions at roughly the same time every day? What interval do they return based on the timestamps?

It looks like the last rediscovery date for those is in 2023. For Z-wave offline malfunctions I would first recommend running a network rediscovery in most cases.